Tuesday, October 2, 2007

--- _ _ _ ---

OK! Melanie, I'm copy-catting your copy-cat-ness and embarking on a blog. My life is consumed by child care, cooking and cleaning (ok, cooking) so these days anything I have to say for myself, my real self, feels like I'm tapping out morse code from deep inside some dark, remote, and really not much seen or heard from place, much like a mine shaft I suppose. And since typing on a keyboard is kind of "tapping,"... well, you get the idea. Still, don't expect much more here than updates on the kids, the hubby, or a good recipe I find or create; time at the computer is in short doses and usually accompanied by a baby on my lap and/or a preschooler jockeying for her "turn."

Here's to low expectations!



melanie said...

woo-hoo! love the name. ya still got it, girl... tap away.

MAINLAW said...

Great name! Glad you've decided to do this. It's a good outlet for you. GREAT expectations!

Scott said...

Go girl! I still believe in you. Hey - what's for dinner?